About Us


c2i’s mission is to light-weight our world through intelligently engineered carbon-fibre structures for next-generation cars and aircrafts. We enable product performance otherwise impossible to achieve as well as help reduce environmental footprint.

What we do

We engineer and manufacture carbon-fibre components and assemblies acting as technology partner to our clients.

  • Design, engineering & virtual simulation
  • In-house tooling design and manufacture
  • Component production incl. painting and assembly, integrating metal, plastics and wiring harnesses


c2i founded in 2005. It has grown rapidly since then, growing its turnover by 250% in 2014-2015 and by 750% in 2012-2015.

Key strengths


Short development lead-times due to large in-house design, engineering and tooling manufacture capability


Innovation as central driving force from technology to business processes to business model innovations

Automotive Hub

Located in Slovakia, the world’s leading car producing country per capita, with VW, PSA, JLR and AUDI plants within 60 km radius


Slovakia, best cost country geographically close to major European automotive and aerospace customers


Proven experience with a wide range of leading production technologies and development of novel technologies for next-generation vehicles


Capability of managing large scale programs with short customer ramp up requirements


Highest product quality for geometrically complex components. Full digital traceability via advanced ERP system which tracks every step of the process. OEM and Quality Management system qualifications